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The VE8 

Having 8 drivers   and a balanced armature for each side drive this system, giving it a perfect symbiosis of engagement and unparalleled accuracy.

Before we had the VE8, we never experienced that her headphones could make so many people smile when they listen to her for the first time. Not for nothing has the VE8 won two awards and is often taken as a benchmark for vocal discussions on forums.

The bass of this model is slightly emphasized, giving it a very warm and emotional sound. The lows are deep in tone and overall with a very natural texture.

Mids have an extraordinary harmonic structure, giving you lots of varied details that make you feel like the music is coming to life. The high frequencies are clear, rich in detail but overall smooth. All this is combined with an exceptional open stereo image that gives you exceptional precision and musicality.


Technical details:

Three-way system - 2 x bass - 2 x Mids - 4 x highs

VE 8-Universal

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