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Aem Audio is proud to present the product line that can be obtained exclusively from us in the world.


Modular and customized Half Rack.

The ultimate solution for sound technicians, producers, keyboardists, stage people, etc.

You can board the plane with the product.

The product is respectively   and personal production  and can be adapted to any equipment you have.


Technical details about the product-

The racks are made of material:  Abs Carbn

Rack size: 248 mm-310 mm - height (4.5 cm for each U - according to the measurement you choose)

Light weight to carry

The rack is modular and can be increased and decreased as needed. (You can purchase different kits for increasing and decreasing the rack)

Carrying handle

A side panel that includes a holder for a Mac transformer and a designated place for   and Air Tag

Customized shelves for shelves standard half rack with holes/holder for sound card/holder for Mac/holder for transmitter, )

And they can be purchased in the line series in sizes: 3-8U

Option to imprint logo and name


It is possible to purchase  a Pelican case  or a soft case that fits the product.

The product is made to order and made personally

Half Rack-7U

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