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Terms of Use and Policies.AEM

 Welcome to the AEM online sales site, operated by AEM Monitor Israel Ltd.

The site offers an online purchase within the State of Israel of professional headphones, professional audio equipment and in particular customized headphones of the brand UE /Vision Ears 

The website connects you and the company Vision Ears/Ultimate ears, helps with the purchase and makes it easier to move from the United States to you. At the same time, AEM and Alon Eitan are neither manufacturers nor importers, but only a liaison body and therefore   - AEM and Alon Eitan have no direct or indirect responsibility for the quality of the products or any responsibility related to the products in their use and operation.  


Use and purchase of the site are subject to agreement to all that is stated in these regulations. The very act of filling in the details and making the purchase constitutes an acknowledgment that you have read the regulations carefully, that you understand them, that you accept them and that you will not have any claim, demand or claim arising from the use of the site. A digital signature on the regulations (at the end of the purchase procedure) is evidence of your unreserved agreement to the terms of use, the regulations and its instructions.

Due to the 'rules' of the Hebrew language, the regulations are written in the masculine gender and refer to 'you' in direct terms as a user of the website, but it is equally aimed at you dear women, corporations and any other legal entity.

To the extent that the provisions of this regulation are not acceptable to you - you are requested to refrain from any use of the website and refrain from any purchase through the website.

For inquiries regarding the use of the site and product purchases through the site, you can contact the site owner Alon Eitan directly by emailAlon@aemisrael.comOr by phone 054-5985777 on Sunday - Thursday between 8:00 and 19:00. AEM's office address: Mashbir 4 Holon.

AEM makes efforts to constantly improve the use of the website, the products and services it offers. Therefore, there may be changes to the site, including changes to the structure of the site, the appearance of the site, the information, the sales offered on it, the availability of the products, as well as changes to the regulations themselves - all of which can be made at any time, at AEM's sole discretion and without prior notice.

AEM undertakes to do its best for the site to function optimally, at the same time, there may be errors and failures in the information provided on the site as well as disruptions in the site's functioning. In addition, the website does not have absolute protection against intrusion and making changes to it by unauthorized parties.

Purchase through the AEM website

AEM allows you to purchase through the website products 'online' for the territories of the State of Israel (without the territories of the Palestinian Authority) as follows:

You must select the product you wish to purchase.

Please note - the photos and illustrations on the website are for illustrative purposes only. There may be changes and differences between the images and between the products, including changes in color and visibility.

  • Personal details must be entered - among others; First and last name, telephone and email address.

  • Address information must be entered to ship the products.

Please make sure that you have entered correct details, and that you have placed an order for the desired product!  Shipping a different product or to the wrong address due to a typing error will require you to pay for the product, for both shipments and for their handling.

  • After entering these details you will be asked to confirm these regulations, please read it carefully as all its details and conditions are legally binding on you and constitute your consent to it.

  • Entering credit card information - after approval of the regulations, you must enter credit card information for the purpose of charging you for the products you purchased. If it is not possible to enter credit card information on the website, you should contact AEM at 054-5985777 in order to complete the purchase process.

The credit card settlement is carried out through the company Visa Al (Maximus) and AEM does not save your credit card details.


As long as you 'purchased' the product, you became a 'purchaser' or a 'customer' (as detailed below and above) and you hereby declare that you have provided correct details and that you are qualified to perform binding legal actions. As long as you are under 18, you must inform your legal guardian about the site's instructions and obtain his prior approval to make a purchase through the site.

A customer, purchaser or user who enters false data will indemnify AEM for any direct or indirect damage caused to it or any damage caused to third parties as a result of entering the false data, including legal expenses and attorney's fees.

Any use of the application and website made while identifying with the means of identification in your possession, will bind you as if they were made by you or on your behalf even if they were made by a third party without your permission.   


There may be changes in the registration requirement. In addition, AEM reserves the right to prevent a user from using the website and making a purchase through it if it becomes clear that false, incorrect information has been provided or that his conduct is inconsistent with the regulations or the rules of fair business conduct, at its sole discretion.

Payment methods and prices

The prices on the website include the cost of the product and VAT.

The indicated prices do not include the preparation of an 'ear mold' for customized UE headphones, with an additional payment direct to the laboratory (as detailed below) in the amount of NIS 300.

The approval of the purchase will be made only with the approval of the transaction by AEM and the approval of the credit company, regarding the credit debit. Any other form of communication (including email) will not obligate AEM.

Most of the 'shelf products' are in stock - you can contact AEM to find out if the product is in stock before making the purchase.

UE headphones made by Logitech are specially ordered according to the data of your ear measurements, after preliminary measurement of the ear mold in a special laboratory and sent to the manufacturer in the United States for the purpose of molding headphones according to the size.

Approval of placing the order by AEM is conditional on the product being in stock, and ordering customized headphones also with the approval of LOGITECH. As long as it is not possible to order the product required for purchase, AEM will inform the customer of this and the customer will have no claim, demand or claim against AEM, as long as the customer's money is returned or the charge for the transaction is cancelled.


The measurement of the ear in an external laboratory - if you have purchased UE headphones that are customized for your ear size, you must perform a personalized measurement in an external laboratory for an additional fee, for the purpose of creating an ear mold that will be used to manufacture the headphones according to your ear size. The casting will be carried out exclusively at the 'Audiologic' laboratory at 4 Smet Almanoni Street in Tel Aviv.

Immediately after the end of the purchase process, you must contact the audiologic laboratory at 03-5251693 between the hours of 10.00-18.00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and between the hours 10.00-15.00 on Mondays and Wednesdays.

On the day of the measurements, you must pay the audiologist directly NIS 300 (the price includes VAT) for the creation of the 'ear casting'

The measurements take between 10 minutes and half an hour, and at the end of it, the casting, which is the 'mold of your ear', will be ready for the purpose of making the customized headphones.

The castings are collected by AEM and sent to the LOGITECH company that manufactures the headphones according to the casting in the United States.  

LOGITECH may request an additional mold of the ear mold, due to certain defects in the mold or when it is not possible to manufacture headphones adapted to your ear according to the mold. In this case you will need to come again to the audiologic laboratory to create another template. The creation of the additional template will be free of charge, however, due to the additional measurements, there may be delays of up to 7 additional days in receiving the headphones.


The customer declares that he understands that the order of the 'ear casting mold' is made by an external laboratory that is not AEM , that AEM has no responsibility for the quality or manner of the castings and that no claim will be made against AEM related to the castings, their preparation or Any direct or indirect damage that may be caused related to the creation of the template in Audiologic.

maintaining privacy

Your privacy is important to us.

AEM takes reasonable precautions to maintain, as much as possible, the confidentiality of your information. The information received on the site is encrypted according to an accepted standard, but there is no perfect protection against intrusion by unauthorized parties. Therefore, AEM   will not be responsible in the event of the occurrence of any damage of any kind, which will be caused to you if the information is used unauthorizedly in a way that is not under our control.

By signing these regulations, you agree to receive promotional material via e-mail and via text messages from time to time. You can remove your name from the mailing list at any time by contacting the website at email or by phone 0545985777.

Use of cookies

AEM uses cookies technology and similar technologies that store certain information on your device for the purpose of improving the company's services to users, collecting statistical data on the use of the website, verifying data, adjusting the website to user preferences for information security needs and more. It is not possible to 'disable' the cookies technology   on the site.

credit card details

Customer credit card clearing is done through the clearing provider and AEM does not save the credit card information provided to it on its servers.

Use of your information

AEM keeps your information confidential, at the same time providing your information as required on the website, is evidence of your consent to the following actions:

  • Inclusion of your details (with the exception of credit card details) in the databases managed by AEM in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter - the "Privacy Law");

  • computerized supervision of your activity on the website, including visible and hidden software means and the use of "cookies" files;

  • Cooperation with any law enforcement authority and compliance with any court order requiring AEM to disclose your information.

  • Providing your details in the event of a legal dispute between a user and AEM that would require the disclosure of details;

  • If carried out on the site, actions contrary to this agreement, contrary to the terms of use or contrary to the law;

  • If the company  will sell or transfer in any way the activity of the site to a third party - as well as in the event that it merges with another body or merges the activity of the sites with the activity of a third party, provided that this corporation accepts the policy instructions towards you This privacy.

Use of intellectual property

The use of the website constitutes a declaration on your part, that the website for all its contents, including its design, images, designs, texts, illustrations, photographs, audio clips, video clips, drawings, charts, graphics, the names and trademarks, which appear on the website, all information and data stored in it, Files and applications of any kind and type that appear on the site constitute intellectual property rights (hereinafter: the "intellectual property"), which belong exclusively to AEM and are protected by all laws.

All rights in the contents, including copy and distribution rights and any other intellectual property rights in the contents, belong to AEM   and you do not and will not have any right of any kind in the contents. Your use of the content will be for your personal needs only.

The use of the website constitutes a statement on your part, that you are aware that various parts of the contents, including some of the images and designs, are displayed on the website in accordance with agreements between AEM and third parties that the copyrights in these contents, including the images, texts and designs belong to those third parties, and you are aware that you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, market, use or give to others these contents, including the images, texts and designs, and that no commercial or non-commercial use may be made of them without obtaining express consent from AEM, in advance and in writing.

The use of the website constitutes a declaration on your part, that you recognize all the intellectual property rights in the contents and that you undertake not to make any commercial or non-commercial use of the contents that constitutes copyright infringement
or violation of any other proprietary right, including infringement of patent, sample, trade secret and reputation related to the website and belonging to AEM or third parties.


The regulations are subject to Israeli law. In any dispute concerning the site and its use for any legal reason, the choice of law, the place of jurisdiction and the exclusive jurisdiction will be the competent court in Tel Aviv and this court only.

Diversity and accessibility of the site

AEM may block any user's access to the website, at its sole discretion and without the need for any prior notification.


AEM   may add, change or amend the regulations by updates on the website, and will also publish the effective date of any change or amendment.

Even if it is determined by a judicial authority that any provision of the bylaws is void as it contradicts the law, the other provisions of the bylaws will remain in effect.


AEM may assign its rights and obligations according to the regulations, at any time and to any third party at its sole discretion, by assigning rights by way of lien or by assigning rights in any other way, without any obligation on the part of AEM   to publish the wording of the assignment .

Aem Audio sees great importance in preserving the rights of people with disabilities in an equal, respectable, accessible and professional manner in accordance with the Law on Equal Rights for People with Disabilities 2013 and the regulations based on it.

Accessibility arrangements upon arrival at the office

Our offices receive an audience, in a managed office building that has legal accessibility arrangements, by entering the ground, through an elevator without the need for stairs.

Website accessibility

The accessibility adjustments were made according to the Israeli standard (TI 5568) for AA level content accessibility   which allow, among other things:

  • Enlarging text using a button in a dedicated accessibility bar

  • Displaying content with high contrast and the possibility of negative colors

  • Adjustment for reading the website content with a screen reader

  • Site navigation without the use of a mouse using Tab, and Enter arrow links

  • Compatible with common browsers

  • Avoiding the use of flashing elements or fast animation

  • Adaptation to mobile devices

  • Stop/start control buttons

Despite our efforts to make all parts of the site accessible, it is possible that specific parts will be discovered which unfortunately are not accessible. If you have encountered a problem regarding accessibility on the website, we will be happy to receive comments and requests. We continue our effort to improve the site's accessibility.

Details of the accessibility coordinator in the office

We will be happy to assist you with any questions:


Full name: Alon Eitan



The accessibility statement was updated on 12.18.2022


Payment Methods

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments

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