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Deliveries and return of products


AEM wishes to assist you in checking the compatibility of the headphones, therefore we always prefer to meet you, give you the product in person, so we can also explain and assist with training based on our experience in the field.

Off-the-shelf products in stock can be picked up within 24 hours after payment in coordination with AEM. 

If you are interested in delivery (any other delivery) you will have to coordinate the delivery at the customer service center and additionally pay for the ordered delivery according to its cost plus insurance. The prices of the errands will be specified in a verbal conversation and will be carried out only after your written approval and payment for them.

Custom UE Headphones After the pattern is made in the lab, the pattern will be sent by AEM to the manufacturer in the United States, where they will produce the headphones within a maximum of 21 United States business days. with permission When the headphones arrive, AEM will send you a message to come pick them up.

Customized Vision Ears headphones After the patterns are made in the laboratory, the pattern will be sent by Aem to the manufacturer in Germany, where they will produce the headphones within 28 German business days at the most, with approval, upon the arrival of the headphones AEM will send you a message to come pick them up.

For custom-ordered headphones, you must come to pick up the product in order to check that the product arrived in good condition and indeed fits your ear exactly.

Since the process of purchase, feeding and production depends on various factors, as detailed above, including; Creation of ear molds, international shipments, custom manufacturing, clearance and customs and more, there may be delays that do not depend on AEM.

AEM  will not be responsible for delay in product delivery for reasons beyond its control, including but not limited to; Force majeure, strikes and shutdowns, hostilities and military operations, technical faults at the manufacturer or at the courier company.

Cancellation and refund countries

Immediately upon receipt of the shipment, you must verify the product received and verify that it is the ordered product and the appropriate invoice.

Off-the-shelf products According to the Consumer Protection Law, you can return a damaged product that does not match the purchase, that was delivered late or that the agreement regarding it was violated - up to 14 days from the day it was received by you. The cancellation request must be notified in writing to AEM within 24 hours of receiving the product. The product will be accepted at AEM only in original packaging and everything in accordance with the provisions of the law.

AEM will not be able to authorize an exchange, credit or refund for a product that has been opened, used, damaged or damaged for any reason.

As long as the product was returned for another reason (which is not specified in the law), the customer will pay for shipping the product to AEM at his own expense and will be charged a cancellation fee of NIS 100 or 5% - whichever is lower.

Custom Products - Custom-made UE headphones, or any product defined as special production on demand, is created especially for you and fits only your personal ozone measurements. This product has no value for another person, therefore from the moment the template is shipped, the order cannot be canceled, there is no refund, no credit, and no exchange.

Order cancellation by AEM

AEM may cancel an order and return your money in the following cases: * If the controlled product is not in stock or cannot be manufactured by LOGITECH, * If an order was placed in violation of these regulations or in violation of the law * If the customer has an unpaid financial debt to AEM * If a purchase is not possible using the credit card.


Warranty for the products is a manufacturer's warranty only which is given by the Logitech company.

You can see the manufacturer's warranty at the following link:

Any issue that requires repair of the product you purchased will be sent to the Logitech laboratory   in the United States subject to the manufacturer's warranty and the instructions for use of the products, which are attached to the product.

AEM only connects you and Logitech for the purpose of assisting in the purchase of the products and has no ability to repair the products or give warranty for them. By signing these regulations, you declare that it is absolutely clear to you that AEM does not grant any warranty for the products purchased on the site and that the fulfillment of the warranty rests with Logitech  only. With a purchase, you declare that there will be no claim against AEM related to product liability, its nature, quality or damages caused as a result of its use.

AEM provides its customers with personal service and therefore, should there be any malfunction, we will send the product to be repaired at the manufacturer in the United States, but this does not mean that AEM has any responsibility related to the product.

Please note, according to the manufacturer's instructions  - there is no warranty for damage or malfunction caused by: corrosion, falling, sweating, accident, intentional damage, neglect, a product repaired by an unauthorized party and modification of the headphones


As long as the product arrived to you with damaged shipping packaging or the product packaging is damaged - please contact us without delay and ask the courier to indicate the damage on the delivery delivery form, so that we can assist you in the event of a delivery malfunction that is not up to us.


Costs and delivery times for repairs under warranty -

Product repair time - since the product is sent for repair at the manufacturer's factory in the United States, repaired in the laboratory there and returned to Israel afterwards - the entire treatment from the day the product is received may take up to 30 business days.


Shipping costs - during the product warranty period by the manufacturer, and as long as the product is repaired within the warranty, the customer will pay AEM only for shipping costs to and from the manufacturer, including shipping insurance, export customs registration and customs clearance in Israel, a total of NIS 650. 

service and repairs

In the first month starting with receiving the headphones and for the first month only.   If the size of the headphones does not suit you - you can send the headphones for repair at the manufacturer's expense without shipping cost

A measure for repair will not be accepted after one month from the date of receipt of the headphones by the customer.

After the end of the warranty period, under the manufacturer's warranty (you can see the warranty conditions  on the importer's website (active link)) or in any case of a repair that is not within the warranty, AEM provides a service to send the product to the repair service at the manufacturer's company in the United States .

The cost of the repair outside of warranty is NIS 1,460 including shipping and VAT

Rest assured that the repair is subject to the manufacturer's ability to repair the product, and that there may be malfunctions that cannot be repaired such as a significant break   or anything else that appears under the manufacturer's responsibility.

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