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AEM AUDIO is the only company in Israel that specializes in stage sound and customized headphones.

Our business was established out of a real need for musicians, singers and Israeli technicians to align with the rest of the world and the technological trends in the field of sound. In the field of concerts and the stage, the importance of sound is paramount, without good lighting you can still close your eyes and enjoy the music, but sound is a necessary matter in concerts. For artists who perform, the importance of sound is even greater, the singer is required to be precise in tone and timing throughout an hour to two hours of performance, while being accompanied by other musicians in the same noisy and crowded space. To understand the sounds you play and to keep the melody and rhythm, professional listening tools are required.


AEM AUDIO company imports and markets a number of essential elements in the field of monitors (on stage and in the studio).

The main field of the company is customized IN-EAR headphones from the best companies in the world.

Personalized headphones are the technological solution for live performances. We import the four leading companies in the world of unboxed headphones.

 Ultimate Ears | JH Audio | Vision Ears | Custom Art


AEM AUDIO is the exclusive and official importer of KLANG.

KLANG is a unique company that produces a 3D headphone mixing system. The system turns any headphones into 3D headphones and will let you place and measure your instruments on stage and in the studio.

We also market several complementary products of companies

Porter&Davies, Kelly Shu, Fischer Amps, Santosom - with them we are looking to create the complete package for the player/artist performing - in which he arrives with everything professional already wired, and ready to work - without the need to rent equipment for each performance or "get by" each performance with what is available.

We also provide live broadcasting services, which include photography, routing, sound, lighting, and backed up broadcasting for commercial needs. Everything under the professional house and the best technicians in Israel.

AEM AUDIO company gives the full service and the full package to the customer. The company supplies the product according to the customer's requirements without additional costs involved in ordering the product privately.

Alon Eitan, the founder of the company and the owner, has a rich and specific past in stage sound, therefore he is the first address of recognized artists who know him as a technician and trust his professional opinion. In the last 4 years, Alon has gained a reputation in the field of import and service to give the excellent headphones also excellent service support.

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