The EVE Concept


This is more than just a new model. It´s a debut of a new product line. With the EVE20 we give birth to the all new Exclusive Vision Ears concept. A limited Edition universal earphone which is only available for a certain number and only for one year!

Each year a new universal model is going to be released with different concept and tuning. All equipped with the legendary fit of our universal earphones shell. We only produce a certain number during the year, so it is always limited in number. This year ( 2020 ) we start with the EVE20, next year will be the EVE21 and so on…

This concept is open to all driver count and price tags. This year it is 6 drivers, next year it could be 9 or 5.

We will enjoy the freedom to break with habits and come up with sound designs you never expected from us. And for the next years we will take this playground to explore the boundaries of visual designs.

We will keep you surprised.

The EVE20 is a new 6 driver design equipped with two lows, two mids and two highs. Simple. But we found beauty in this simplicity.
Expect a sound which is highly dynamic and musical. With a deep but tight bass. With rich and naturally textured mids. And with crisp and sparkling highs, bringing a fresh breeze into its well balanced sound. It is an extraordinary composition of drivers that perfectly fit together and create a stellar performance of harmony.

The EVE20 will only be produced in the year 2020, so each unit has a serial number engraved on the earphones shell. So it is not just another universal - it is one of a few.